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Test Environment Management Explained in a Simplistic Way

December 5 2019 , Written by Enov8 Published on #Test Environment Management, #IT Environment Management Tools, #Test Environment Management Tool

Software Test Environment is a powerful aspect of the software test life cycle and it can be used for both automated as well as manual testing. There are various types of testing which are carried out by considering the requirement of the organization. Also, test environment management is essential in each phase of the testing process. Here, we have provided detailed information on the test environment for you to efficiently use it in the testing process. Let’s dig deeper to know the functions of the test environment along with its challenges.

 Introduction of Test Environment 

In simple words, the testing environment is a systematic program of hardware, software, and the network to give support to the test execution. The test environment is created in such a way that it stimulates the production environment. Also, the test environment is carried as per the requirement of the applications which are under test. On top of that, there is also a scenario when testbed is used in the combination of test data operations and the test environment. 

Once you know that the environment is right, the success rate of software testing becomes high. If there are any complexities in the testing procedure it can harm both clients and the organization.

All about TestBed

The test environment is also known as TestBed with minor differences. This environment comes along with verification and validation of the test data and functions of the software application. 

Let’s learn about the things that are required to create a test environment.

  • Operating System, Database and  Testing Server;
  • Various software in which the testing would be carried on;
  • Data configuration and Test data;
  • Connectivity of the network and configuration;
  • Hardware devices such as machines and PCs;
  • Debugging tools and automation tools;
  • Proper licensing practice;
  • The need for third-party software and software for the users;
  • Any specific devices like simulators;
  • Various documentation like user manual;
  • Proper understanding of the business requirements;
  • Coordination between the applications and the system.

Brief About Test Environment Management

These are some of the functions which arrive beneath the test environment management. Have a look!

  • The test environment is selected as per the allocated software project;
  • Managing the repository of test-environments with latest version and connectivity;
  • Proper monitoring of the IT environment management tools for complete transparency and reliable results;
  • Updating and deleting the outdated test-environments;
  • Investigation of the issue on the environment and proper coordination until the issue is not resolved;
  • Improvements in correcting the test environment continuously;
  • Introducing updated test environment management tool to increase productivity and for speedy software submission;
  • Reduce manual tasks to engage more and more automation techniques to increase test efficiency.

Process Representation of Test Environment

The test environment is performed by taking various areas into consideration. We have provided each of them in the below segment.

Structuring Test Server

Every test can be performed in a local machine. It is important to place the test server, supporting the applications.

Establishing Network

The network is arranged as per the requirement of the test. It includes the following things;

  • Internet Setup
  • Private Network Setup
  • LAN Setup

Test PC Setup

To consider web testing, you may be required to consider different browsers for various testers, whereas you will be required to use the various OS for desktop applications.

Test Tool

In the case of automation testing, various test tools are used to enhance the efficiency of the project.

Reporting of the Bug

Bug reporting tools are necessary for the testers to find bugs in the software. It makes an enormous difference in the final output.

Difficulties in the Test Environment Management

For every tester and developer, test data management is a crucial task. However, there are numerous challenges included in creating a proper environment for uplifting the testing procedure. Here we have given some of the challenges. They are as follows;

  • Inefficient usage of the test resources may lead to improper outcomes in the testing process;
  • The test environment which is remotely placed across faraway regions is hard to manage, control and function properly;
  • There are also times when testers and developers have to share the test environment. This may lead to serious complications in the test results.

We hope with the above-given explanations, you might have understood the role of test environment management in developing applications. One cannot ignore the testing environment factors because it is the only perceptive solution for the successful software development of the company. If the software is developed as per the client’s demand with the utmost quality, there will be more demand for the business, impacting the overall software sales of the company.


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