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Empower Infrastructure Security With The Application Of DevSecOps

January 25 2021 , Written by Enov8 Published on #DevSecOps, #enov8

In the current times, there is the cropping of scenarios that impact the insecurity of applications. When there are evolving multiple applications, there is the need to build the right type of infrastructure security. More often, software companies face...

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Tips to Make DevSecOps a Reality

August 31 2020 , Written by Enov8 Published on #DevSecOps

Security vulnerabilities are not leaving us even in 2020 and it is the major concern among IT organizations. In 2019, web application vulnerabilities had doubled as per the latest data from the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. If you are in...

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Enterprise Inertia Slowing Down DevSecOps Integration

May 26 2020 , Written by Ashley Hosking Published on #DevSecOps

Technology is such a subject, which does not have an end. It is developing and proliferating. Are you aware of the technical term " DevSecOps "? Of late, it has been an inclining point, and various organizations battle with the steady test of improving...

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The Critical Role of Security in Implementation of DevSecOps

February 7 2020 , Written by Enov8 Published on #DevSecOps

The lethal combination of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud has been a real game-changer in the way customers consume content, communicate, and select products & services. This has resulted in organisations taking a different route to bring products...

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The Business Benefits of Adopting DevSecOps

October 22 2019 , Written by Enov8 Published on #DevSecOps, #DataOps, #Test Data

With the advancement in technology, we are seeing a growth in cybercrimes. Today, cybersecurity has become critical for the sustenance of the business. Every organisation that does online business today needs to protect the customers’ data. This means...

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